Week of Prayer

Bishops’ Preface to Glory Revealed

A Week of Prayer for the Commission on a Way Forward

As a result of the action of the 2016 General Conference, the Council of Bishops appointed a Commission on a Way Forward to help the Council find a way forward in light of the fact that good, faithful United Methodists have searched scripture and have come to different beliefs about the role of practicing homosexuals in the life of the church. Historically those in the Methodist movement have used scripture, tradition, reason and experience to discern God’s will. The commission, therefore, has engaged biblical scholars, church historians, social scientists and endocrinologists in its discernment process. The Commission members have also spent significant time building relationships and sharing their personal stories as they seek God. They continue to work to discern a way forward.

In order to help undergird the work of the commission, the Council of Bishops has been praying for the commission and has asked United Methodists around the world to pray daily for the commission’s work. The council asked each annual conference to take one specific week to cover the commission in prayer. The Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference has been asked to pray daily from Sunday, February 11th through Saturday, February 17th. I am grateful to the members of our Conference who have prepared a prayer guide in order to assist us in fulfilling our commitment to pray for the work of the commission.

I ask every member of the Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference to use the guide and join in our focused prayer effort. I ask because I believe in the power of prayer. I know God hears and answers prayer! I am asking that we follow the example of Jesus. Please do NOT pray that your will be done for the United Methodist Church. I am asking you to pray that God’s will be done so that God is glorified through the work of the commission. Further, if you do not have health concerns that would prohibit you from fasting, I ask you to also fast that week. If you cannot fast from food, you might consider fasting from television or the Internet for that week and use the time you would have spent watching television or routine for prayer.

I am confident God is not through with the United Methodist Church yet. I am confident God is still using and will continue to use this denomination to make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. I am confident that if we ask for God’s will to be done and for God to be glorified through our denomination, God will hear us. I continue to see signs that revival and revitalization are on the horizon. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for us!

-Bishop Cynthia Moore-Koikoi



Resources for the WPAUMC Week of Prayer



Rev. Chris Kindle, coordinator of Discipleship and Spiritual Formation, and a small team of other Conference clergy and laity have prepared a devotional Glory Revealed for use by individuals and churches. 

 Download Glory Revealed: A Week of Prayer 


Online Prayer

The Conference Center will be hosting a conference call for people all around Western PA to pray with one another as we pray for a way forward for our denomination.

We will be praying together Monday through Friday during the noon hour at 877.860.3058. The pass code for the prayer line is 5048371.

The prayer will be streaming live on Facebook at facebook.com/wpaumc