1.        Presenter: Dawn Lynn Check                 Title: The Joy of Tweeting
Feel left out of the social media craze? Get ready to set up a Twitter account! You will be taken step by step through the process. You learn what #hashtags are and how to use them. There will be a live Twitter feed shown during annual conference. Get ready to join in!
2.        Presenter: Bob Penrose                          Title: The Lay School as Discipleship Training
Come learn about how the District Lay Ministry Schools can help support your local church discipleship programs. Find out about the changes for Lay Speakers and what the WPAUMC is working on doing to meet those changes.

3.        Presenter: Kristen Parise                        Title: Sharing the Gospel on the Back of a Napkin
Have you ever found yourself at the point of sharing the Gospel with someone and had no idea what to say or even where to start? This session will provide the tools to help you share your thoughts clearly and concisely “on the back of a napkin”.
4.        Presenter: Tina Whitehead    Title: Palestine – A Year in Review: Are We Any Closer to Peace?
I will share my experiences of living in the Palestine community in 2012-13 to give an update of the “peace process” in Israel-Palestine.
5.        Presenter: Barbara Lewis and Joy Conti                    Title: A Wesleyan Rx for Ministry to the Whole Person
We are taught to “love the Lord our God with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength and our neighbors as ourselves,” through practicing stewardship of body, mind and spirit and providing caring ministries that assist others to attain wholistic wellness. Learn about what General Boards have to offer, the Methodist connection with national and international Faith Community Nursing, local and national resources and support and particularly about the Methodist tradition of health ministry and the making of Disciples.
6.        Presenter: John Zimmerman                  Title: Corry Together
Corry Together emphasizes a relational model of making disciples by bringing disciples together with the un-churched broken, poor and hopeless. Through authentic community and ministry with the poor, lasting development and transformation will occur as we walk together as disciples.
7.        Presenter: COSROW                               Title: Miss Representation
Our lives are saturated with media, yet we fail to see the disparaging portrayal of women and girls. These images negatively impact men as a well. Miss representation will leave you shaken and armed with a new perspective.
8.        Presenter: Jeffery Miller                        Title: Opening Church Doors in Christian Hospitality for All
We are called to share Christ’s love with all people. This session will provide a spiritual and ministry based foundation to assist lay persons in working with clergy to offer a welcoming and Christ-centered Church community for LGBTQ persons, their families and friends.
9.        Presenter: Anti-Racism Team                                Title: So What?
Come and learn how to be more informed and to engage in furthering the mission of creating an anti-racist annual conference. Even if there are no people of color in your church or town you have an important role in the ministry of Anti-racism.
10.     Presenter: Anti-Racism Team                                Title: Now What?
For those who have taken an Anti-racism workshop previously. This workshop will begin to explore racism more deeply and allow an opportunity to connect more fully with others on a journey toward living an Anti-racist lifestyle and bringing our WPA conference closer to dismantling racism.
11.     Presenter: Patricia Columbe                   Title: Credit Score Enhancement
What makes up your credit score, why it should be important to us, and how can it affect you?   You would be surprised to know.