Unstoppable 2018: Moving Forward
July 6-8, 2018

Unstoppable is a weekend designed as a safe place for young Christian women to discuss relevant issues, discover their own voice, and find ways to change their world. Join your peers for a weekend of fun, worship, music, learning and service. Participants will take part in group activities, inspiring presentations about real issues they can do something about, and hands-on mission experience.

Worship Together//Serve the Community//Discover Mission Opportunities//Discuss Relevant Issues//Develop Leadership Skills
​Find Their Personal Voice//Form Christ-centered Friendships//Have A LOT of Fun!//Be Equipped to Change the World

This video from the inaugural Unstoppable event tells the story of how several young women in Western Pennsylvania developed their vision into a unique opportunity for their peers to claim their own futures as women of Christian faith in the legacy of United Methodist Women. The event, called “Unstoppable” provided a forum for the older generation of members to learn too.


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