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April 17, 2021-Erie Bayfront Convention Center

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Main Speaker:

Shanterra McBride

SHANTERRA MCBRIDE is an author, speaker, preacher, and teacher. She is founder of MARVELOUS UNIVERSITY, a social enterprise that offers life coaching and success planning for young people, specializing in leadership development for girls and young women.  Her expertise encompasses everything from youth development and youth needs, to diversity and inclusion and allyship.  She works with young people of all backgrounds, as well as with adults seeking to become better trusted allies in the lives of the young people they interact with.

Shanterra believes three things have always kept her grounded: her faith, her community of family and friends, and her relationships with her mentees. These constants remind her of her purpose in life, which is to Mend, Motivate and Empower people, young and young at heart, to believe they are, without reservation, completely MARVELOUS

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Caitie Hurst

I thought ‘I could never be an artist…’ but I prayed ‘God, if this is of you, what does it look like? If this is it, I’ll do it.’

Hurst grew up in Hendersonville, Tennessee. She worked on songs; she endured moments of doubt; she trusted a calling that felt crazy. She got a job at Long Hollow leading youth ministry and traveling with the student worship band. This became an incredibly formative experience, the opportunity to mentor and support students the way she had been cared for.

These relationships also inspired Hurst in regards to the music she knew she needed to make. She realized that people, young people especially, could use more music with positive messaging that is also catchy and full of infectious beats.

“I want to bridge the gap between songs that sound like pop radio but contain meaningful lyrics. Music that communicates the Gospel in a way that doesn’t sound cliché, but sounds fun—something someone could jam to in the car.”

With her heart grounded in this mission, Caitie found her sound. She wrote and recorded new songs, often inspired by experiences with the youth she mentored. This includes her first digital single, “Nothing To Hide.”

“This song came from a conversation I had with one of my students, and it’s about this idea that we worry we can never come to God with the mess of who we are and the things we’ve done,” Hurst remembers. “Everything she was saying, I’d been there—the thought that God won’t love me if He really knew my heart. But God already knows my heart, and He loves me more than I can comprehend. Shame makes me want to hide from Him, but I don’t have to.”

Hurst’s songs and worship-leading resulted in recording and publishing deals with Centricity Music in fall 2017. Since then, she’s continued to create songs with magnetic melodies and rhythm that come from the journeys she’s walked and how she’s found Christ in all of them. Anxiety; jealousy; insecurity; fear. Journeys all of us can relate to, but too often are afraid to speak about.

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