Quick Guide to Procedures

If at any time you are unsure of what is happening, do not be embarrassed
Please ask for help!

During the sessions, a presenter may refer to a printed report found in your Pre-Conference Journal. 
Parts of those reports may require some action by the Annual Conference.  You will be instructed to look at those reports and/or resolutions which will be referred to as:  

Resolution ______ (RS-______) found in your Pre-Conference Journal on page ____


Resolution #404 (RS-404) found in your Daily Proceedings Report

If you wish to speak on the floor, move to a “page” holding a colored flag to be recognized by the bishop.  When called upon, identify yourself by name, charge or agency you represent, and state whether you are laity, clergy or equalization member.


In dealing with motions or resolutions, some of the following terms may be used:


CALL FOR THE QUESTION – A motion which closes debate and, if passed, requires a vote on what is before the body.  To call for the question, you must first be recognized (see above), then say, “Bishop Bickerton, I move the previous question on all that is before us (or on a specific amendment or motion).”


DIVISION OF THE HOUSE – A request that a count of the vote be made.


ORDER OF THE DAY – A motion that would require a particular report or presentation to be given at a specific time.


POINT OF ORDER – An interruption of business to appeal the appropriateness of a ruling or procedure.


QUESTIONS/REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION – You may ask questions concerning procedure or information about the motion.  Questions do not count as speeches for or against the motion.  After asking a question, do not proceed to speak for or against the motion without permission, or it is out of order. 


MOTION/RESOLUTION – A proposal that requires action by the full body.



Amend – To make changes in the original motion.  Amendments are voted upon before the main motion.

Postpone Consideration – A motion to delay action on any motion until a particular time.

Reconsider – A motion to reconsider an action that has already been taken.  A motion to reconsider can only be made by a person who voted with the prevailing side.

Refer – A motion to ask a particular agency or committee to receive a particular motion.

Table – A motion to lay a particular motion on the table.  The only way to act on that motion is to move that the item be “removed from the table.”