Melissa S Smith

Phone (814) 787-5891

Mailing Address
280 Church Street
St Marys, PA 15857

Benezette U M Church
Senior Pastor

Weedville U M Church
Senior Pastor


My roots are in the Elk County area, as I was born and raised in Wilcox. I am currently married, and between my husband and I we have 5 grown children, all but 1 is married, the proud grandparents of 7 grandchildren, 4 boys and 3 girls.
I currently serve as a 3/4 time pastor for the Benezette Charge. I am very happy serving there and since I am from the area and grew up in a rural area I feel a connection to them. This is my first appointment but in the 5years I have been there I have grown professionally and spiritually, and I feel that some of my people have grown spiritually as well. 
I am currently pursuing my Course of Study classes. I am currently taking them online through the GBHEM and ALPS since the pandemic. I find that while there is a lot of weekly work that needs to be done, online is a better fit for my busy schedule.
I currently own my own daycare center, which employs 8 staff. In order for me to own and operate my own child care center I attended Penn State Dubois campus and obtained my associates degree in Human Development and Family Services. I worked towards my degree on a part time basis while holding down a full time job as well as 2 part time jobs, as well as being a single parent. These experiences, past and current, shaped me and continue to shape me emotionally and spiritually. It has also taught me to see the humor in most things, so I am able to adapt to change and roll with the punches, while finding the humor in the situation. 
I feel that in the past year I have really grown spiritually and this has been reflected not only in my pastoral leadership but also in my messages. I do struggle with taking a sabbath but I am doing better at using the down time I have to relax and enjoy some of the blessings God has given me.