Darryl S Lockie


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as since found a nice home in Western Pennsylvania these past 7 years.  He received his B.A. from Houghton College (2010) and then came down to Pittsburgh Theological Seminary to earn his M. Div (2017). As a remnant of his time in Western New York, he is still an avid Bills fan, an interest which has been begrudgingly tolerated at the churches he’s served.  

Therein is one of Darryl’s passions, connecting with individuals who have different backgrounds, perspectives, and proclivities.  He has always been relationally wired and loves meeting new people.  In the congregations he has served, he’s found joy through creating deeper community, often by way of discipleship and service.   Pastoral care is one of his favorite aspects of ministry, where he gets to help individuals identify God’s movement in their lives.  This is both a responsibility and a privilege he does not take lightly. He ardently believes that the Gospel is centered in relationship and continually finds inspiration in the witness of others.

        Darryl is married to fellow Houghton graduate, Bethany.  They have been married for roughly 7 years and just recently welcomed their first child, Asher. As his name suggests, he is indeed a blessing to his family.   Darryl is most energized when either spending time with people or in the outdoors.  His primary way of connecting with God is going off somewhere on a hike or puttering about Western Pennsylvania waterways in his boat.  Any day spent outdoors is good one for Darryl.  Indeed, that is where he has had some of his most profound worship experiences.  Though during the colder months, he is not opposed to curling up on the couch with a good book or movie, or spending an afternoon chatting with a friend over coffee.