Israel Jonathan Estrada

Phone (814) 731-9944

Mailing Address
663 Euclid Avenue
Erie, PA 16511

Henderson U M Church
Senior Pastor

San Juan U M Church
Senior Pastor


Israel Estrada was born in Tegucigalpa Honduras to a Christian family, since his early age he has been involved in various groups and activities at his local church. As a child, Israel started his education at a music school for children and started learning different instruments and honing his skills to do so. When he was 11 he got to be in the music ministry of his Church and served there until he left the country. Israel's father had a major impact and influence on him, as his father was also a musician and was part of the music ministry, and later on became the worship leader and head of the music ministry.
During the time Israel spent in Honduras he went with his church activities group to different places that are in need to help, which included aiding to building of small houses or such, taking or making food to those people in need, as well as giving gifts to kids, bringing provisions and clothes to families, and overall just trying to have a good time with the community. Israel's faith kept growing as he worked to help people around, creating a sense of service in him.
Israel have been going to school for music since an early age.
When Israel finish high school, which was a music learning institution, he started looking ways to further and improve his education in music. During this time he started working in the Philharmonic Orchestra of Honduras to try to polish his skills and when he was 20 years old he got a scholarship to come to the United States of America to get his music degree at Mercyhurst University, graduating a couple of years later with a bachelor in Music. Israel understood that it was the Lord that helped him with his ability to play music and wanted to give back to Him.
He started working as a musician at a local church and met the pastor there, Roseann Oliver, and a teacher-to-apprentice bond  formed whiling working under her; Israel had the impression that his ministry was there as the worship leader, As time pass, Israel became more comfortable at doing job and was happy worshiping our lord, and thought his ministry was probably stablished in music, just like his father, but one fateful day Pastor Roseann asked him if he wanted to accept the call to ministry for this Hispanic church.
Although this took by surprise Israel, he went on and thought about it for some time before giving his answer. He prayed and fasted to get his answer, when finally Israel felt the urge of serving in a different way, that maybe his path was not to serve in music but to serve people, and that was his answered. Israel called Pastor Roseann to give his answer, affirming his call to ministry.
Israel has been firm and has been serving as an assistant pastor to San Juan, the church he has been assigned, and although many hardships and tests have struck him, his love for the Lord and the people has made him stay strong on his conviction and hopes to spread the word of God in his community, because people are indeed in need, so more lives can be saved for our Lord