Leona R Logan


Mailing Address
3016 Route 31
Acme, PA 15610

Davistown U M Church
Senior Pastor

Mount Salem U M Church
Senior Pastor


I'm a displaced New Yorker who intentionally sought to live in PA.  In 1992, I moved my family, three children and my at the time disabled husband to Brush Valley, PA, to finish my graduate educational internship, at West Penn Hospitals Birthing Center, called The Birth Place.  My goal was to graduate as a certified nurse midwife and find a job serving women in 1995 somewhere in PA.   It was a leap of faith since there were no job prospects at the time.  No one, not even the hospitals in the area had ever hired a midwife.  I had lots of educating to do about what my role was in the field of women's health.  No, I was not Amish, and no, I was not a labor and delivery nurse although I had been a registered nurse since 1978.  My midwifery degree, board certification and my dual licenses with the PA Medical Board and Nursing Board, qualified me to practice independently and collaboratively with hospital medical teams and to deliver babies in hospitals as well as provide women's  gynecological care to women of all ages.   In  1995, I became the first midwife ever to have admitting privileges at Puxsutawney Hospital.  Since then I developed numerous women's centers and have delivered hundreds of babies as midwifery, which  was my life dream, so I thought.  During my work in various clinics and women's center's, women would ask me to pray with them during their suffering and personal crisis. It  was as if, my call into the ministry began long before I formally answered God's Call in 2015 to become a Pastor.  During that time I was working long hours as a women's health provider and had  concerns about time to give to the ministry, but God made my time, timeless.   My first appointment was as an assistant pastor to Rev. Beverly Spore.  We shared a charge of four churches.  I appreciated her leadership and wisdom and loved preaching, evangelizing and visiting parishioners.  Later I became the pastor of Davistown and Mt Salem UMC, who remain  part of the Connellsville Cooperative Parish.    

Did I mention that I have 10 grandchildren?   They call me "Omi", a name that comes from my German heritage.   What joy they bring to me as they keep me energized, young and completely silly when I spend time with them.   I have always had a creative flair, and enjoy creating opportunities to bring novel ideas to people.  One way in which I do this is with my sidekick, Hildegard.  She is my puppet whom I create inspirational programs for women and women's groups, through ventriloquism.     

After the passing of my former spouse, I married, Rev. John Logan.  We have much in common.  The activities we enjoy together are swinging in our Sky chairs under a massive Maple tree, walking for miles on the Indian Creek Valley Trail and  kayaking on the Acme Dam.  We share a love for the Lord and Christ's Church, as well as serving God's people in ministry.  It is my mission, to live my life so that others would come to know God as the One true God who redeems and loves all who seek hope.