Leona R Logan

Mailing Address
5608 Hyndman Rd.
Buffalo Mills, PA 15534

Mount Harmony U M Church
Senior Pastor

Saint Johns U M Church
Senior Pastor


I moved to Pennsylvania with my family in 1992 to finish an internship at West Penn Hospitals Birthing Center, called The Birth Place, to complete my graduate education as a certified nurse midwife.  After graduation, I felt called to serve women in this region and became the first nonphysician in Jefferson County who was granted hospital admitting privileges to deliver babies.  I was living my dream, and that dream has taken me in a complete circle.  Today, I continue my pursuit of serving God and God's people when I answer God's call for me to become a pastor.   It wasn't that I had the time; I was knee-deep in work, spending twelve to sixteen hours daily in my midwifery practice. But God made way for me to do both ministries.   While I retired from my clinical practice in 2018 due to a lengthy recovery from a complicated broken leg, I never had to give up a pastoral ministry.   The task of prayer never ended, the art of preaching the Word of God continued from a chair, and the ability to evangelize fueled by the Holy Spirit kept the Kingdom of God in focus.   When I think about it, I've never given up on the birthing business, either. Today, I am involved with a different sort of birth process, one of which begins with baptism.   But it's the most incredible birth experience ever, and one that never ends.     

I have ten grandchildren who call me Omi, and I love to see them and hear their stories whenever I get the chance.   My husband, Rev. John Logan, newly retired from ministry last year, bought his first home in Bedford County, PA, where we now reside. I've been reappointed to two new congregations, St. John's in Meyersdale, and Mt Harmony, in Wellersburg. I am privileged to serve these congregations and my new communities. These are exciting times to share the Kingdom News.
In my retirement from midwifery, I've launched a new business called "Let's Sparkle Together LLC, " which provides me with opportunities outside of the Church to bring the Good News of hope to women who would otherwise not access the Church.   I host tea parties and retreats and offer keynote presentations for women's organizations to help women where they are and point them toward a relationship with God and others to help them sparkle through life. Plus, I add a new hobby, ventriloquism for fun, and entertainment with a purpose. Surprisingly, my puppet   Hildegard throws a voice of her own that adds depth and insight that surprise those who listen.