Edward C Patterson


Mailing Address
238 Grant Street
Franklin, PA 16323-2332

Grace U M Church
Associate Pastor

Woodcock U M Church
Associate Pastor


I, Edward Charles Patterson, was born in the Titusville Hospital, Crawford County, PA, on April 22, 1949. tp Charles Lytle and Irene Elizabeth Moe Patterson.  Our neighbor, Adelaide Strawbridge, did not think I was going to live as I looked so poorly.  But I did.  My parents farmed at the time.  When I was six years old, I came down with rheumatic fever.  It weakened me to the extent that Dad realized I might not have the stamina to work the farm.  He sold it and in a few years went into the retail hardware business in Cooperstown, PA.  I had attended the Wallaceville Methodist Church and the Hamilton Corners Free Methodist Sunday School and the Cherrytree Elementary School.  WE arrived in Cooperstown the month I turned 9 and I attended the Cooperstown Elementary School and later Rocky Grove High School.  I served as President of the local MYF and as Vice-President of the District Youth Council.  I was one of the first youth to serve the annual conference.  I was in Boys Scouts, serve as Den Chief, played Little League Baseball one year, was President of the Junior Friends of the Library, belonged to the Sons of the American Legion, was in 4-H, Key Club, Drama Club, FTA, played the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz and played in the senior play, Molly Morgan.  From the time I was 9, I worked in my father's hardware and pumped gas as well, until i had my first teaching job in Denton, MD.  I am half-way through a degree in accounting, half-way through a master's degree in taxation.  I had a BS and M.Ed. from Clarion and M.Div. degree from Asbury Theological Seminary.  I have had a Real Estate License and Life and Accident Insurance License.  I've worked for Sears, the Vernon Company in Advertising Specialties and a number of other short time jobs.  My appointment history and church service are recording in our conference journal.  I have two step-children, and three adopted children.  Becky and I were married in Eldred. PA, on January 03, 1987.  It was a second marriage for us.  I have been a part of the Patterson Reunion and Shaffer Reunions serving in various capacities over the years.  I wrote a 135 page pager on the Shaffer Family and continue to work on it.  I enjoy traveling, photography, meeting with friends, and walking.  I have been in 47 of the lower 48 states and had the opportunity to go to England when Becky's ordination class.  It was a delight.  I have been to four providences in Canada.  I love it when the family gets together.