Brenda L Schall

Mailing Address
PO Box 115
123 N. Main St.
Elderton, PA 15736

First U M Church
Senior Pastor

New Beginnings U M Church
Senior Pastor


My name in Brenda Schall. I am married to Chester Schall. We have been married for 4 years as of Oct.1 2021  I have 2 children a boy Christopher Wayne Sommerville he is in the Army. My daughter works in Indiana at the hospital. Chet and I  live in Elderton ,Pa. I have five grandchildren and Chet has five grandchildren  I graduated license school in 2017. The Lord called me many times, and I pushed it aside. Finally I could no longer do that. At  my home church Mt Zion U M Church I was a Lay speaker. This I did for 11 years, and spoke at many churches. I was Sunday Superintend for over 11 years. S.S. teacher for many classes and several year. I love the Lord and am a people person. I come from a large family in W.Va.  My first church as a pastor was Germany UM church in New Florence, Pa.. Now I am at the Allegheny River Charge. My schooling has been going well I have a A-B average in my classes. I attend COS at school of Ohio, W.Va. Extension . Now I have completed 9 of the 20 classes required and working on the next two. The Lord works in strange ways, he has opened my eyes as a Christian to many things. He wants me to help others to see with new eyes what the Bible has for us all. I believe that God is at work in my life, and he is at work in the world today. As a christian we must go fishing for the lost, bring them in so God can clean them. I want to hear God say well done good and faithful servant.