Matthew D. A. Blake


Phone (814) 362-3053

Mailing Address
401 Forest Lane
Franklin, PA 16323

Center U M Church
Senior Pastor

East Grove U M Church
Senior Pastor

Polk U M Church
Senior Pastor


I was Born in Oil City Pa, in 1970, was raised in Titusville Pa where I currently own the family farm. I have 3 children two girls and one boy, who are now adults living on their own. I also have 2 step children who are also adults. I am very blessed with 13 grandchildren from the ages of 2 -16. I am a second career pastor saved by God's grace when I was 28yrs old. A few years later God boldly called me into the ministry at which time I sold two businesses' which I owned, a logging business and a greenhouse and landscaping business. My first part time appointment July 1, 2005 was at Shippenville/providence charge in the franklin district, upon realizing God was calling me into the full time ministry I sold my home and remaining business assets and took a full time appointment the following year on the Johnstown District serving the Westover/East Ridge charge for 7 years. Once again called me to relocate to the Kane District where I am currently serving the Bradford Area Parish. On my days off you will find me on the family farm tending to the herd of Black Angus me and my wife own, or hunting, fishing, trapping, or camping.
     Within my ministry personal relationships are very important to me, first between the believer and God, and Jesus Christ as personal savior. Then between pastor and parishioner and community. I strongly encourage evangelism and discipleship making as a focus to my ministry, and love trying new and exciting ventures within the church and community.