Cynthia E Weber


Phone (814) 676-1107

Mailing Address
3796 State Route 417
Franklin, PA 16323

Grace U M Church
Associate Pastor

Lupher Chapel U M Church
Associate Pastor

Oak Hill U M Church
Associate Pastor

Reno U M Church
Associate Pastor

Sugarcreek U M Church
Associate Pastor


I was born in the Oil City Hospital on May 4, 1950 to Anna Mae and Roscoe Speer.  I am the eldest of their three living children. I have lived in Dempseytown, Pennsylvania my whole life.  My family has been, and continues to be, a farming family - something we all enjoy. 

I attended Oakland Elementary School in Dempseytown for grades 1-6.  Then I attended the South Side Junior High School and Oil City Senior High School.  This completed my schooling. 

In Senior High I took the secretarial course.  Upon graduation I went to work at the Exchange Bank in Franklin, first working as a teller, later as a secretary.  With the birth of our boys I left the workforce for several years.  When the boys were both in elementary school, I applied for the position of church secretary at my home church, Oakland United Methodist Church which is also located in Dempseytown.  My schedule was flexible - very important to a mother with young children.  I continued in that position for 29 years, retiring in May of 2015.  It was a ministry that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Through the years I also was very active as a Sunday School teacher, as a member of the choir, as a member of UMW, and held many church offices.  

Through the encouragement of several of the pastors that I worked with, I attended Lay Speaker School, first becoming a Basic Lay Speaker and then an Advanced Lay Speaker.  I found that I enjoyed the research, the writing, and the delivering of sermons.  Eventually, I was encouraged to become a Certified Lay Minister.  I went to Licensing School and was assigned to the Sugarcreek/Lupher Chapel Charge in July of  2015.  For the past five years I worked with Pastor Karen Kostur, who recently retired. We shared a wonderful relationship.  In July our Charge became part of a five-point charge which now includes Grace Church in Rocky Grove.  Pastor Mark Blair has been appointed to pastor this charge.  We are "feeling our way along", learning to work with each other, and learning what it means to be a part of a five-point charge.  Although on paper, I am listed as working quarter-time, I find that this ministry is full-time from my point of view.  I truly enjoy the ministry and the people.  They are so loving and accepting.  There have been times when I have felt overwhelmed.  I'm sure all pastors must feel that from time to time.  

Although I am only in my sixth year of ministry, I must say that I am looking forward to retirement.  When Pastor Karen retired I asked if it would be better for me to retire at the same time or if it would be better for the churches to stay for the year of transitioning to a new pastor.  I decided to stay on for one more year, helping to make the transition a little easier for our churches and for the new pastor.  With that being said, I am hoping to retire at the end of June 2021.  I will be 71 by that time and my husband will be 76.  Therefore, I would like us to have some time together just to relax and enjoy life.  That may sound selfish but it feels very important to me.  I still intend to be active in my home church, Dempseytown:Oakland and I intend to continue on as a Certified Lay Speaker (or whatever they are called at this time.)

Our older son, Chris, and his family live about a quarter of a mile from us.  We see them almost every day.  Our younger son, Jason, and his partner live in Pittsburgh.  We try to see them as often as possible.  My Mom, who turned 90 in April, still lives alone and cares for herself.  She only lives about a mile away but as time goes on she needs more of our time and our attention, which is as it should be. My siblings and I share that responsibility.  In retirement, I hope to find time to learn to quilt, do more sewing, spend more time in my flower gardens, and read for pleasure.  I'm also looking forward to being able to sing harmony in our church choir, something that I have truly missed. My husband and I look forward to having the time and the freedom to take some day-trips.