Randolph K Landman


Phone (724) 872-7900

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209 S Fifth St
West Newton, PA 15089

First U M Church
Senior Pastor

Herminie U M Church
Senior Pastor


My name is Randy Landman.  I was born in the Connellsville Hospital in September 20, 1959 (I am currently 61).  My father was a Coal Miner and later became the Maintenance Foreman of the entire mine.  My mother worked as a secretary in Uniontown Hospital.  I have an older brother (Tom) and older sister (Monteen).  I grew up right outside of Uniontown and graduated from Lauren Highlands High School in 1977.  I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a BS in Chemistry in 1981.  At the time I hoped to become a medical doctor.  During the last part of my junior year, I felt called to pastoral ministry.  After college graduation, I graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary with a M.Div. in 1984.  
I grew up in the Free Methodist Church and upon graduation took a church in Harrison City, Pennsylvania.  It was interesting in that the person I was replacing was retiring however he passed away about a month before I graduated.  I was supposed to have about six weeks off between graduation and Annual Conference (where appointments started).  However, I graduated on a Sunday and started at the new church on Monday.  I served there for three years and asked for a move to the West Coast.  I applied and was accepted in the Free Methodist Church in Southern California. 
In California, I served one year at the Downey Free Methodist Church as a full-time youth worker.  After that year, the Senior Pastor was moving and I took a church as the Senior Pastor in Sylmar, California (in was in the San Fernando Valley just north of Los Angeles).  I served there two and a half years and went through a divorce.  I had married a girl from high school while I was in seminary.  Her asking for a divorce was the hardest thing I have ever went through.  Thankfully we did not have any children. I left ministry and taught school in Burbank, California for a while.  I moved back to Pennsylvania and lived with my parents for a while.  I did various jobs though nothing of real significance.
During this time I met the girl I am currently married to.  Her name was Dawn Dolan and is now Dawn Landman.  I started working with a Free Methodist Church in Monongahela, Pennsylvania in Christian Education and Music.  I was there for several years.  I then became a bi-vocational pastor at an independent churchf for three years.  
It was at this point I became a United Methodist.  I was hired as an assistant pastor at Grace United Methodist Church in Coal Center (Washington District) and was there for ten years.  I was able to help the church through a difficult time in the church.  Going through a divorce in many ways destroyed who I was and what I thought God could do through me.  Over the years God reaffirmed the Call to Ministry that was on my life.  I started the process toward ordination as an elder in the UMC.  I was approved by BOM in the spring of 2020 and was to be ordained as an elder but because of COVID, that did not happen.  I am to become ordained during the Annual Conference of 2021.  
After the ten years at Grace, I became the pastor of the Mt. Pleasant UMC (Connellsville District) for four years and I am now serving the two point charge of West Newton/Herminie (Greensburg District).  I am now finishing my fourth year here.
As I said, my wife is named Dawn Dolan-Landman and we have three girls.  Mollie who is age 20 and is currently a student at Grove City College.  Mollie is probably the most known member of our family.  She married a boy right out of high school (Brady Hunker).  Brady had already been diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma and only had a short time to live.  They decided to marry so they could have some time together.  Brady died after a few months and Mollie has went back to school.  Their story were viral. Mollie was the chair of the conference youth for two years and chair of the jurisdictional youth for one year. I have a daughter Malorie who is currently in 8th grade.  Malorie is the chaplain of the conference youth.  I also have a daughter Mylie who is in 5th grade.  Mylie is more full of life than anybody I know.
I enjoy reading, golf, most sports, bike riding, traveling, and movies.