Samuel J Wagner


Phone (814) 432-3019 ext 307

Mailing Address
115 Homestead Lane
Tionesta, PA 16353

Christ U M Church
Associate Pastor


Born in Titusville, PA, raised on a family farm in Tionesta, PA.  Graduated from West Forest High School in Tionesta and went on to earn a B.S Degree in Business Management at Clarion State College and a B.S. Degree Agriculture Economics & Rural Sociology.  At both institutions, I also maintained a concentration in Music.  
My work experience has included a coal truck driver for five-years while working my way through college, the owner of gas station for three years, a county planning director/transportation coordinator and then an elected Forest County Commissioner for fourteen years (some of these overlapped). Moving from county government to state government, I worked for five years as a Regional Policy Specialist for the Governor’s Center for Local Government Services and then for eight years as a Pennsylvania CareerLink Administrator.  In brief, the work experience combined richly blessed me with the opportunity to work with both staff and the public, and it afforded many opportunities to work professionally, yet diplomatically with people, and learn accountability to either the people who depended on me or the people who elected me.

My first church work experience was with the Pleasantville United Methodist Church (Erie-Meadville District) for 6 years as a Choir Director and worked side-by-side with the pastors in the development of seasonal musicals with drama.  From there, I worked for 1 ½ years as a minister of music at the Church of God in Kane, PA where I had the joy of starting the first choir in their history and lead them in their first Christmas Cantata.  I then served as a part-time minister of music and visitation at the Good Shephard United Methodist Church (Kane District) for 5 ½ years, at which time I directed a multi-church choir doing annual cantatas and drama at Christmas and/or Easter.  I eventually became the Director of Music Ministries of Christ United Methodist Church (Franklin District) for 8 years, a position I held until receiving appointment to that church as a local pastor in 2008.    

My present appointment is at Christ United Methodist Church in Franklin, Franklin District.  I serve as an Associate Pastor while Darrell Greenawalt serves as the Senior Pastor.  My primary responsibilities focus on the worship life of the church, which includes the planning and supplying needed resources for three weekend worship experiences and the member care aspects of visitation.  I have been instrumental in providing the vision for a new Saturday evening worship & discussion ministry to young adults.  I devote a significant amount of time to congregational discipleship development and as part of that, lead new member classes and help them assimilate into the church.  As a avenue of discipleship, a high priority for me is the developing of leaders and individuals confident and willing to lead in worship activities through singing, playing an instrument, reading scripture, engaging in drama and serving in the audio-video ministries.   Significant in the larger picture of who I have become, I have been married to my wife, Kimberly, for 32years.  Kim comes from a Venango County family who provided her with a strong work-ethic and Christian influence.  She was baptized in the Methodist Church and later became connected with the Nazarene Church where music became a significant part of her Christian life, and she eventually became active in music ministry in the Church of God (Anderson). Kim graduated from a Christian high-school and her father later became a Church of God pastor.  
Married to Kim (Hart) for 36 years.  Beginning a music ministry together before we were married, we became engaged heavily in concerts and renewal-service music leading throughout the Northwest PA region.  Our promotional effort in the early days was “to bring renewal to the local church,” a theme that has continued for us. That ministry eventually transitioned from singing and playing at other churches and venues to roles of working to equip others in the church to use their gifts in ministry. 
We are blessed with two grown children, Bethany and Matthew – each married and each serving Christ.  We also have three grandchildren.  Kim and I continue to live on the that has remained in my family for 132 years.  My personal interests center around farming, and gardening activities, and spending time with grandchildren.