Frank M Philpott

Phone (724) 785-8704

Mailing Address
768 Weaver Mill Road
Smithfield, PA 15478


Born in Huntington, WVa on October 19, 1942. Raised by my mother Dorothy. My father, Frank, was killed in Europe in WWII making me a war orphan. I graduated from Huntington East High School in 1960. Attended West Virginia University Engineering School. 
I enlisted in the US Army in 1962 and was trained as a communications Specialist and Cryptographic Systems operator and instructor. Served at Fort Gordon, Ga as a Crypto systems instructor and in the Kinmen defense Command team under MAAG in the Pacific.
My vocation after the military became a home builder, licensed in the State of WV Joined the Carpenters Union in 1973. Retired from WV carpenters in 1998. Retired from Pittsburgh carpenters' union in 2009. 
Attended church at Smithfield UMC, became Trustee, Lay Leader and Certified Lay Leader there. Completed Pastor Licensing School. Assigned as 50% pastor to Brownsville Parish in 2016, consisting of First Brownsville UMC, South Brownsville UMC and West Bend UMC. Appointed Pastor to Brownsville Parish in 2017 consisting of South Brownsville and West Bend UMC's as 50% pastor.
My wife Sharron went to our Lord on March 13, 2019.
I have an active farm near Smithfield, PA. Love traveling, fishing, dogs, cats and all of God's creation including my new wife Janie and serving our Lord.