Nathanael J Fugate


Phone (814) 563-3333

Mailing Address
375 Page Hollow Rd.
Pittsfield, PA 16340

Otterbein U M Church
Senior Pastor


Raised in Punxsutawney PA. I graduated from Punxsutawney Christian School, and received a BA in Philosophy and a BA in Biblical Studies from Wheaton College in Chicago. I went on to receive my M.Div from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. I have had minimal pre-church work experience because I started as a student pastor right out of college. I was appointed as an associate pastor at Dubois: Lakeside 2013-2017. During that time we did a cooperative ministry with Clymer Charge: Clymer First/Diamondville/Starford/Tanoma 2015-2016. Finally, I have been appointed as senior pastor at Pittsfield: Otterbein 2017-present (See pg 376 2020 Conference Journal). I am the father of three children, Israel (5), Victor (3), and Evangeline (9mo) and the husband to my wonderful wife Holly. My interests include woodworking, music, hunting, games, philosophy, and legal work.