Laura Ann Saffell

Mailing Address
201 Crescent Drive
Washington, PA 15301

Amity U M Church
Senior Pastor

Liberty U M Church
Senior Pastor


I was born and raised in Oil City following a long line of family who graduated from the local high school, attended Grace UMC, and went off to Wesley Woods camping each year.  I went off to college shortly after high school with the idea of pursuing a calling of missionary.  While in college, I realized that I could also serve the church in Christian Education and knew that if I were male, I'd also be called into ordained ministry.  After four years of conversations with God and parishioners, I discerned this calling to ordained ministry, headed off to seminary, and have enjoyed the joys and challenges of ministry.  I've been in some sort of ministry since I was 12 years old from singing to children's ministry to youth ministry to Christian education to counseling to mission trips.  My experiences have enabled me to be a part of ministry in Massachusetts serving as a Children's Minister, in Pennsylvania serving several churches as pastor, and in Alaska where I served as a pastor for seven years.  I've served in Conference and District and local church levels in both Alaska and Western PA in evangelism, in music, in leadership, in camping, and in work mission trips and have enjoyed them all.  

I love doing ministry with my husband, Jarrett, who is a tremendous partner in ministry with me.  Kathryn and Nick are adult children now and are figuring out life on their own.  Kathryn is now 25 years old and lives and works from her home in Clintonville and became a mom to our first grandchild in January.  Nick turned 22 on the 4th of July and recently moved back to Pennsylvania from Alaska and is waiting on the Air National Guard to make the transfer official between the two states.  Jarrett's family lives 45 minutes from us and we enjoy connecting with them regularly.  My dad and brother still live in Oil City and we're also able to connect with them regularly.  David, my brother, is battling stage 4 colon cancer, which seemed to come out of nowhere.  When we have some down time, Jarrett and I enjoy taking off in our camper and being "unplugged" to enjoy all the God has created.  We bike and hike and canoe and kayak and adventure in whatever ways we find fun for us.