Hae Seon Lee

Mailing Address
18711 Erie Street
PO Box 92
Centerville, PA 16404


Hae Seon was born in Pyeongteak, Republic of Korea. His parents, Seong Sang and Mi Hae,
were sent as missionary by the Korean Methodist Church to Sri Lanka 3 months after their son’s
birth. He grew up in Sri Lanka before attending high school at Handong International School in
Pohang, Republic of Korea. He completed BA in History and BA in Philosophy from Edinboro
University of Pennsylvania, and Master of Divinity Degree from Drew Theological School. He
currently studying at Methodist Theological School in Ohio for Master of Arts in Counselling
Ministry with a focus on Pastoral Care and Counselling. He has served as youth pastor at New
York Plainview UMC and Korean UMC of Staten Island, as a seminary intern at Livingston
UMC, as a Licensed Local Pastor at Cooperstown Charge (Cooperstown UMC/Bethel
UMC/Bradleytown UMC), and currently serving as Provisional Elder at
Centerville/Riceville/Parade Street Charge. As a son of a missionary and having grown up in the
mission field, Hae Seon comes from a unique background that he hopes enriches the ministry he
is called into.