Wanted: Church Historians



 The WPAUMC Commission on Archives and History is looking for church historians and history lovers -- and trying to recruit some new ones.

"We want to help connect church historians and those with an interest in church history to others who share their passion," said the Rev. Susan Moudry, a member of the Commission who is completing work toward a PhD in church history from Baylor University.  "We can help educate church historians about their role and ministry and help to provide them with resources to their the story of their local churches." 
A local church historian is first and foremost a person who is interested in history, Moudry said.  "But a church historian is further gifted in things like organization, listening and communication.  The historian’s role is to document the identity of a congregation."

"Local church historians are an amazing asset to a church," she explained. "They not only manage records, but they may also write a local church history, or help the church to celebrate major milestones.  Through this work they help the local church to understand the past so that they can envision and live into the future.  This is a critical role in the process of change."
If you are interested in serving as a church historian, talk with your pastor and volunteer if the position is available. Then be sure that the pastor or administrative assistant includes your name and contact information when they update your church leadership list through the Church Dashboard at wpaumc.org.  Under “Leadership Assignments” in the Church Dashboard they should select “Position”:  HH) Church Historian.  

Would-be historians can contact archives@wpaumc.org or susan.moudry@wpaumc.org for assistance.
"We want to know you.  We want to know the stories you tell," said Moudry. "Let’s do the work together of understanding the past as we work to envision the future, because God has done and continues to do amazing things in our local churches! "