Training Set for Legislative Section Leaders



Training sessions for those interested in serving as leaders for legislative sections at the 2016 Western PA Annual Conference session have been scheduled for Saturday, March 12 and Saturday, May 14 at the UM Conference Center in Cranberry Twp. Both training events run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Annual Conference run from June 9 -12 at Grove City College. 

Section leaders facilitate discussion among Conference members assigned to consider legislation submitted to the annual conference for action.  All legislation is assigned to one of 10 sections, depending on its subject matter, and those members assigned to consider it and recommend action by the full membership of the annual conference. After deliberation and votes by section members, section leaders present the recommendations to the full conference for a vote. Generally each section has a leadership team that includes one clergy and one lay member. 

The two training sessions provide information on the legislative process, Robert's Rules of Order, Western PA Conference session protocols, and hands-on practice. They are free and open to anyone interested in learning more about the process or developing leadership skills, as well as those who want to serve as a section leader. 

During the May training, participants gain practical experience in leading groups of people through decision-making, debate, resolution of issues and decisions using actual legislation to be decided at the Annual Conference meeting in June.

For more information, contact the Rev. Greg Spencer at

Registration is required to attend the trainings.  To register, email Guinevere Gregory at