Anti-Poverty Grants Available



The Poverty Team of the Annual Conference has resources to help fund local poverty ministries. The team has provided grants to multiple agencies and small-membership churches to be God’s people helping others in the world. 

One of the agencies that received funding last year wasTHE REFUGE of the Erie United Methodist Alliance (EUMA). The Refuge is a 32-bed emergency shelter for families experiencing a housing crisis. The shelter is equipped to house up to nine families at a time, providing each family with an individual room . . . allowing the family unit - including Dad - to stay together during their time of homelessness.  

During an average stay of 30 to 45 days, families are empowered through assessment and advising, referrals to community resources, and personal attention to strive toward independence and permanent housing.

The Refuge serves any homeless family with children: including single moms, single dads, and two-parent families. 

The Refuge

  • Assists families in their progress toward self-sufficiency and permanent housing
  • Provides basic necessities such as daily shelter, clothing, food, and personal supplies
  • A Case Manager works with family to identify needs and establish goals
  • Links families with permanent housing resources
  • Links families to community resources such as: employment, assistance to stabilize income/benefits, education -
During 2019, through EUMA, 725 adults and children were sheltered; 84% of the families exited to permanent housing; 94% of veterans exited to permanent housing; and 174 people received medical care.
If you have a vision of a ministry to those living in poverty…or if you have an ongoing outreach in your community…check out the grant information on the conference website at and apply.