Pastors Take on Spartan Challenge



Pastors Scott Gallagher and Justin Judy are launching a new fitness and team-building challenge -- and they are inviting others to join them.
Last year, the two United Methodist elders walked more than 500 miles together around the perimeter of the Western Pennsylvania Conference in the weeks leading up to the 2016 Annual Conference session at Grove City College. They made it to Grove City on time despite an early setback. Read about it.
The 2017 Challenge is not as long, but may be more challenging, said Gallagher, pastor of Garden City UMC in Monroeville. They are returning to the Spartan format they experienced in 2015 doing a Spartan Sprint.
Spartan races are extreme obstacle courses ranging from the 3-5 mile Sprint, to the 8-10 mile Super and 12-14 mile Beast. 
With the hope of increasing awareness of the importance of physical health and fitness, teamwork, and the need for support in the face of obstacles, Scott and Justin, along with anyone who wants to join them, will participate in three Spartan Races. You are invited to join them for any or all of the races.
“Remember that these are team races. We will run/walk/jog/crawl with one another, support one another and leave no woman or man behind!  That means we will learn to work with one another in ways that will better prepare us for future ministries,” Judy, pastor of  explained.
“In a time when there seems to be more division than teamwork, when there are obstacles that seem too large for any one person, and when we become weary all too quickly…we need to focus more intently on being fully connected and prepared as a team,” Gallagher added.
The first race for team Triduum will be the Beast in Vernon, NJ on April 29.  The Super will be tackled in mid-to-late summer and the Sprint will be saved for the fall. 

It's not the first time Gallagher and Judy took on a Spartan Race.  They completed a Spartan Sprint in 2015. 
To join them in a race, contact Scott Gallagher at or Justin Judy at