Pastor Creates Study Guide for "Loneliness Epidemic" Book



Rev. Tom Parkinson
Rev. Tom Parkinson, senior pastor of Dutilh United Methodist Church in Cranberry Township, published a book last summer entitled The Loneliness Epidemic: How the Church Can Cure Our Gravest Sickness. Now, just in time for Lent, he's created a study guide for use by small groups.

The book, Parkinson's first, has been lauded for its insight, authenticity, and practical guidance.

“Parkinson blends pastoral sensitivity and deep intelligence. This is important for a topic like loneliness because many people know that they ‘feel lonely’ but can’t explain why,” said Rev. Ben Phipps, pastor of Charter Oak Church's Jeannette Campus.  “Parkinson concisely says what the source/cause of so many people's loneliness is, while also offering a solution – the community of the people of God.

"It’s not a quick fix, often quite messy, and filled with broken, sinful, imperfect people," he added. "But this solution is also beautiful because following Jesus with others is the way we discover how love, covenant, and relationships can cure our loneliness.”

The study guide includes discussion questions that correspond to each chapter and is ideally suited for a church small group or book study. Touching on themes of relationships, love, unity in a fractured world, and the power of personal stories, and forgiveness, Parkinson helps readers enhance their reading experience with thoughtful questions and astute insights into human nature.

The book is available from Amazon using the link above. A PDF of the free study guide is available here.