Online Payment System Expands



The Conference has expanded its online payment capabilities to enable local churches to submit payments electronically for connectional apportionments, special Sunday and advance collections, pension and health benefits, workers compensation, special offerings, and events.

The newly added capabilities will also allow individuals to pay Annual Conference registrations fees and contribute to the Annual Conference special offerings, whether they attend or not.

Three separate web pages have been set up: one for pension and healthcare payments; a second for local church remittances and the third for Annual Conference registration payments and special offering donations; registration payments may also be made through the registration system.

“It’s something that churches and individuals have been requesting for a while,” said Director of Finance Roger White. “Overall, it will be a more efficient process for all parties; reliance on the US Postal Service is eliminated (with incremental savings on postage), there will be an immediate record of the transaction, and recurring payments can be established.”

“It will also be helpful for retirees who are making payments for health insurance,” he added.

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