Lennox Named New Shared Director of Communications



After an extensive job search, Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball and Bishop Cynthia Moore-Koikoi, episcopal leaders of the Susquehanna and Western Pennsylvania Annual Conferences of the United Methodist Church, are “ecstatic to announce that Liz Lennox will serve in the shared position of Director of Communications for the Susquehanna and Western Pennsylvania Annual Conferences.” The new position will create and oversee communications strategies for both Conferences and will collaborate with the communications staff in each Conference.

“As we attempt to perceive the new things God is doing and continue to acknowledge the porous nature of annual conference boundaries, we discerned an opportunity to maximize our resources and work more efficiently in our Communication Offices in the Susquehanna and Western Pennsylvania Annual Conferences,” Bishop Moore-Koikoi explained. “Working through the WPA Personnel Committee and SUS leadership, we developed a joint position for Director of Communications. This shared position will allow for greater consistency in denominational communications across the annual conferences. We also believe that this new position will provide greater opportunity for us to boast in the Lord and all that God is doing through the mission and ministry of each individual annual conference.”

Liz has been serving as the coordinator of social media and visual communications for the Western PA Conference since June 2017. Liz has two Bachelor of Arts degrees, one in Media & Communications and another in English Literature. She also has a certificate in Professional Writing.  

Liz will start the new role of Shared Director of Communications on August 1, 2022.

Bishop Steiner Ball summarized why Liz was selected for the position: “Liz brings a wonderful collaborative spirit and approach to the ministry and mission of communications, as well as a wide variety of skills in written, electronic, visual, social media connections and strategy. Her continual spiritual growth and formation guides her in building relationships with others, her decision making and her storytelling. Liz brings an enthusiasm and eagerness for being on the ground in both annual conferences. She will seek to build relationships with lay and clergy leadership and with the congregations of both conferences and the communities they serve, in order to tell the stories of Christ’s mission and ministry throughout the Susquehanna and Western Pennsylvania Conferences.”

Bishop Moore-Koikoi added, “Liz brings to the position a sensitivity to the ways in which the elders of our village prefer to receive information and an expertise in the ways in which young people obtain information.”

“I am beyond thrilled to step into what will undoubtedly be a challenging, yet rewarding new role as Director of Communications,” Liz stated after accepting the new position. “I deeply value connection and collaboration above all else and I am blessed with this opportunity to strengthen the relationship between our two conferences. I am most excited to meet new people and tell their stories in a way that shares the good news of Jesus Christ and celebrates who we are as United Methodists.”

As she begins serving the Susquehanna and Western PA Annual Conferences, we join together in praying with and for Liz.