Monitors Need for Annual Conference


The Commision on the Status and Role of Women (COSROW) has monitored Annual Conference the past 5 years to gather information about who is present and who has a voice and to raise awareness awareness about the need to be inclusive.

In that time, said Peggy Ward, a COSROW leader, "We have learned that female clergy have the least voice in our legislative sections, which are a very important part of decision-making in this conference. We want to continue the work we have done in the past, but this year we want everyone at Annual Conference to see themselves as as a Monitors- -- to notice those around them, those speaking and those remaining silent and discover how can we individually and corporately include the voices of all at Annual Conference."

To do this, Ward said, "we need volunteers to monitor the Annual Conference."

What Does A Monitor Do
     Monitoring means paying attention during a plenary session, legislative section or worship and completing a form to record what you see. Then discussing what you saw with Ward so she can understand and write the report. That's it. Volunteers can do one session or several.

Ward will offer online training sessions of 30  to 60 minutes on using the form.  Choices for training are:
Training Dates (will be conducted on line, please sign up for one so I can get you information and forms)
  • Thursdays,  May 19 or June 2 at 7 p.m.  
  • Saturdays, May 21 or June 4  at 9 a.m.                    
  • Tuesday, May 24  at 7 p.m.  
  •  Wednesday, May 25  at 7p.m.                                          
Who Can Do It?

Anyone who can spend an entire session attending to the proceedings and events.(morning worship, morning plenary, afternoon plenary, etc.). If you do not have another responsibility at AC, all the better,  you can attend as a monitor.  It doesn't matter if you think there is a problem or you don't think there is a problem or you haven't thought about it... It matters that you can fairly and objectively write what you see happening around you.

In fact, diversity of monitors means richer data collection. It helps us all understand our Annual Conference better. You can do it sitting in your regular spot or in the COSROW monitor spot. Even if you lead a legislative section or you won't be available the entire AC, you can still be a monitor. You can monitor one session or several.

Monitors often remark about how much they noticed through the monitoring process that they had never noticed before. They also say that they learn a great skill, that they use informally wherever they are.
SO, if....
  • you have always wanted to see how we got those results....or
  • you monitored before and can help out now...or
  • you sit in Annual Conference and make lots of comments about what you see...or
  • you may as well replace your doodling with some monitoring...or
  • you see this as a great way to be involved in very meaningful work in the conference...
Sign up to be a monitor at Annual Conference, June 9-11, 2016 by clicking the Register button and completing a short form.