GCFA Adds UM Credit Union Group as Sponsor

Kasi Devinney presents a check from the Keystone Credit Union to Jessica Gamache, Conference Camping Coordinator



In 2002, United Methodist credit unions throughout the United States formed the United Methodist Credit Union Association (UMCUA). Patti Columbe, former CEO of Western Pennsylvania's Keystone United Methodist Federal Credit Union (KUMFCU), was one of four founders of the group.  UMCUA recently was approved as a vetted corporate sponsor of the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA). 
Through the sponsorship program, GCFA aligns with companies and organizations that have solid brands and reputations for provide services and resources to benefit United Methodist clergy, laity and churches. 

"We're excited to get the word out that our connection with the denomination is stronger than ever that -- and we're especially proud because Keystone was a founder of the UMCUA," said Kasi Devinney, current CEO of Keystone UMFCU, after the sponsorship was announced in a press release on May 10. "We're an excellent alternative to traditional banking -- and we support Western Pennsylvania Conference ministries. 

United Methodist credit unions provide banking and lending solutions to clergy, laity and local churches in the United Methodist connection. With branches across the country, members of the United Methodist Credit Union Association operate independently.  

"The money you deposit into a United Methodist Credit Union not only pays a nice dividend," said Rev. Russ Abbott, President/CEO of the UMCUA. "It also provides the necessary resources to fund church expansion projects, consumer loans and more.  It is an organization that supports the ministries of The United Methodist Church. It’s a real win-win opportunity for savers and borrowers alike.” 

Learn what Keystone UMFCU offers to WPAUMC United Methodists and churches at keystoneumfcu.org/
To learn more about the United Methodist Credit Union Association and its participating credit unions, visit www.umcua.org.