Franklin District Wraps Up UMCOR Challenge



The results are in from a September challenge to churches in the Franklin District to collect UMCOR Cleaning Buckets, Hygiene Kits and donations for the Eastbrook Mission Barn during September. 

The challenge was in response to an urgent request for more cleaning buckets because the Mission Barn had shipped out an estimated 1500 Cleaning/Flood Buckets during late summer/early fall flooding. Those buckets went to at least eight counties in Southwestern and Central PA. 

Franklin District Superintendent Jodie Smith agreed to donate an additional $250 to the Mission Barn in honor of the the church that collected the most kits. Thirty-nine churches participated and Dempseytown Oakland United Methodist Church, where the Rev. Lance Tucker is pastor, was the winner with an astounding 90 buckets valued at $6,750. 

The totals for all 39 churches were:

  • 379 Cleaning Buckets valued at $28,425
  • 131 Hygiene Kits valued at $1,572
  • Monetary donations of $16,092.82
  • ***TOTAL VALUE is $46,089.82
Honorable mentions go to the Methodists United in Faith Charge that raised $6,400.03 and the Polk/East Grove Charge that gathered 75 Cleaning Buckets and raised $684.79 for a total value of $6,309.79.
In addition, New Covenant Charge collected 33 school kits which were not a part of the challenge.
DS Jodie Smith congratulated all the participating churches for a job well done and extended her thanks and appreciation to all who participated.