Camp on the Go!


Camp On the Go! from John Zimmerman on Vimeo.

Camp Allegheny's Camp On-the-Go program is looking for partner churches for Summer 2019. Last summer was the first year of the program and it went extremely well, with six different churches, primarily in the Johnstown area, partnering with Camp Allegheny to reach the young families in their community.

Camp On-the-Go is a traveling Day Camp program. Camp Allegheny provides resources for every step of the process, from registration forms to parent letter templates, while allowing communication to primarily go through the local churches. That means that, from the start, the local churches are building a relationship that can last beyond the summer. 

Camp Allegheny staff runs the week-long program, allowing the local church volunteers time to get to know the kids better. Activities include Camp Allegheny specialties, from crafts, Bible studies, and games to a pony ride, hamster ball, knocker balls, and more!

Rev. John Zimmerman, Conference Evangelist and Church Outreach Consultant was consulting at one of the sites during day camp last summer. "I had the wonderful privilege of helping with Camp On-the-Go at Johnstown," he said. [The staff] were well as the whole program. We are very excited for what this concept can accomplish as it goes into the future."

Churches within an hour's drive of Camp Allegheny (Stoystown, PA) who want to connect and build relationships with young families in their area through Camp On the Go can learn more by emailing

Contact Wesley Woods ( or Jumonville ( for information or to be placed on the schedule for their Day Camp programs. 

NOTE: Similar programs were provided by staff from Jumonville and Wesley Woods last year. The Western PA Conference provided funding support for all three camps to offer day camp programs by partnering with churches in their areas.  Camp Allegheny offered this report and invitation seeking partner churches in their Winter newsletter.