Apply to be WPAUMC Mission Amabassador



--By Jodale Barnhart**--

Oh, the places you’ll go… Will you visit a college or hospital in India… or hang out with a missionary in Brazil or Zimbabwe… or learn about the United Methodist Church in Lithuania… or help at a refugee relief center in Texas… or learn how Methodists are combatting human trafficking in Hawaii?  There are lots of places to go and lots of people to meet!
As a 2019 – 2021 Mission Ambassador you will help choose what world-wide locations you visit that are tied to the Mission u study, which will focus on the 150 year history of United Methodist Women, who have been active in ministry all over the world. The Mission Ambassador Program is open to women and men; laity and clergy.

Mission Ambassadors normally travel for about two weeks, then agree to itinerate throughout the Western Pennsylvania Conference to tell about the cultures, churches, ministries, and needs of the people they meet.  They also agree to teach a summer class at MissionU.

Mission Ambassadors receive a stipend that usually covers about half the cost of travel. 
Applications for Mission Ambassador are due October 15, 2018 Download an application form.

If you have any questions please contact Jodale Barnhart at  This is an AWESOME opportunity!!!

**Jodi Barnhart, pictured above while teaching a Latin American cooking class, chairs the WPAUMC Mission Ambassador program and served as one of two Mission Ambassadors to Latin America in  2015-2016.