A Prayer for the New Year -- 2022



Each year, the East German Conference and the Western Pennsylvania Conference partnership committee shares a joint New Year's prayer, which can be offered during New Year's services in both areas, as well used in individual devotions. This year the East German Partnership committee has formulated the prayer.
Eternal God! You are the source of all life. We look back at the past year and remember so many things we were grateful to take from Your hand - how many times you surprised us wonderfully! But we also realize how quickly time passes. Our time seems to fly there - but You are the constant one. You are our destination and our destination. We may know: our time is in Your hands this new year as well.
Have mercy on us, eternal God.

Merciful God! You are by our side whether we can feel it or not. The corona virus has hit us hard in the past year. Many have lost loved ones. Many have and have to fight for their lives or their existence. Many have become lonely. The life of our communities was and is only limited possible. Nevertheless, we remember grateful thy strength, thy comfort, thy companionship. You were always there no matter how hard the road was. This is how we are certain: You will be there and go with us in the new year too.
Have mercy on us, our merciful God.
Loving God! You love everyone as your child. We often find it difficult to see in others the ones you love as much as you love yourself. We make a difference. We judge one another. We judge each other. We often make ourselves the measure of all things. Fill our hearts with Your love that we may look at each other with Your eyes. That reconciliation will be possible, in families, in communities, in society, and also within our worldwide church.
Have mercy our loving God.

Blessed God ! You are full of grace and mercy. It is your goodness that we meet again every morning. Bless our world, that the blind gain insight, that politicians may serve peace, that the sick may experience healing, that the grieving may find comfort, that the weak may be strengthened, that the hopeless may look up may the refugees find a home, so the doubters believe, so it will be bright in the middle in the dark.
Have mercy on us, our blessed God.
--Lutz Brückner, for the partnership committee