Ready, Set, Sew


When Dr. James H. Ritchie heard about the disaster in Oklahoma he knew exactly who to turn to, Center United Methodist Church. Likewise, when it came to helping the school students receive bags of school supplies, once again he knew exactly who would help, the Fawn Township Sewing Group.
The Sewing Group meets every first Thursday of the month at the church. Their community projects have included sewing cancer robes, beds for dogs and cats at Animal Protectors, neck coolers for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and wheelchair bags for nursing home residents. But Dr. Ritchie had a special request for this month, sewing cloth bags for the children’s school supplies.
“Dr. Ritchie called me and asked if our sewing group could make these bags for the students,” said Virginia Snyder, co-chairman of the group and member of the church. “I said, let me call everyone.” Needless to say 11 members came Thursday at noon with sewing machines in hand and sewed bags until 5:00 p.m. Everyone was assigned a task. Some ladies cut out the pattern, others sewed the actual bag, and still others sewed on the handles. “It was a wonderful afternoon,” said Norma Soroka, co-chairman of the group, “and we’re always glad to help.” The bags were on display at the Sunday morning services to let the congregation see how the church is helping the tornado victims.
Center United Methodist’s Youth Group held a fundraiser Movie Night/Bonfire to aid the students. Admission was either a monetary contribution or some of the needed school supplies such as pencils, notebooks, scissors or crayons. The Youth group will assemble the bags on Wednesday evening. From the church they will delivered to Grove City College where a semi truck will be filled and then taken to the Mission Barn in New Castle.