Protecting your identity is a full time job!



Last year it was Target. More recently, it was Home Depot. Now, Kmart has experienced a credit card data breach.

Protecting your identity has become an issue that everyone needs to make a priority.

The problem is that most of us do not have the time, the knowledge, the skills, or the technology to monitor our personal information around the clock. Many times, victims don’t even realize that their identity has been stolen until months or years later. The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that 16.6 million people were victims of identity theft in 2012 and that number is growing. In fact, it tops the list of consumer complaint to the Federal Trade Commission every year.

Keystone United Methodist Federal Credit Union (KUMFCU) has taken action to try to help by partnering with LifeLock, a leader in identity theft protection, to offer LifeLock’s identity protection services to all United Methodists in Western Pennsylvania, and their family members, at a discounted rate.

 “As a financial institution, we take cyber security and identity theft very seriously and use the latest and best data encryption systems to protect the personal information entrusted to us,” said Patti Columbe, CEO of KUMFCU. “But we can’t protect every single aspect of our members’ lives.”
That’s where LifeLock’s identity protection can help.

LifeLock works relentlessly to protect their members’ identities so they can live freely with confidence in an always-connected world. From early detection and alerts to world-class remediation, LifeLock has the tools to help make personal information safer and more secure, giving members peace of mind.

“We wanted to find a way to make these services more affordable to United Methodists and their families,” said Columbe. “We researched identity protection companies and negotiated with them to not only get a discount, but also the opportunity to try the service free of charge.”

By using the discount code KEYSTONEUMFCU, you can receive 30 days free and 10% off on your LifeLock membership. To sign up or learn more, visit the Identity Protection page of the credit union’s web site at