40 Days of Prayer for GC2019



Beginning January 15, 2019 -- 40 days before the special called session of the General Conference of The United Methodist Church, local church members throughout Western Pennsylvania are invited to join in praying a special prayer each day until the February 23-26 gathering in St. Louis. 

The following prayer was prepared by the Rev. Chris Kindle, WPAUMC Director of Discipleship, for use during the 40 Days of Prayer:

Lord, we need you. Our church needs you. Our world needs you.

We acknowledge that we often feel that we are right and others are wrong. Forgive us for treating those we disagree with poorly.

We ask that you would protect us from ourselves. Help us to see only you, help us to seek only you. Help us to love our neighbors as ourselves.

We lift General Conference 2019 before you and ask that your Spirit would lead the delegates. We pray that the way we respond would not harm anyone, but rather would point them to you. Help us to show the world your love through the ways we work with one another. Amen.

Church members are also encouraged to pray for all of the delegates who are voting members of GC2019 and the elected clergy and laity who may serve as alternates. WPAUMC delegates, who were elected in June, 2015 to serve for four years beginning with the 2016 General Conference, are:
  • Clergy -- Eric Park, Robert Zilhaver, Alyce Weaver Dunn, Amy Wagner, William B. Meekins, Jr., and John Seth;
  • Laity -- Sharon Gregory, Nancy Denardo, Richard Hoffman, Paul Morelli, Diane Miller and Vicki Stahlman.