Police Officer/Scout Leader Get Thanks


An Erie police officer who is an active member of Lakewood UMC in Erie got a thank you in an Erie Times-News letter to the editor on Oct. 5. Though he wasn’t cited by name, Rev. Bob Lewis, his pastor, said word got around the community pretty quickly through Facebook posts and other channels that the officer was Thomas Dunmire, the church's Cubmaster. 

“Tom wants this to blow away. He really doesn't think what he did is all that much,” Lewis said about the father of three who also serves on the Lakewood mission committee and was part of a mission team that went to Red Bird Mission last year.

“He thinks we should be able to do good without calling attention to ourselves. He is a great guy and certainly doesn't do it for the attention,” the pastor explained.

Here’s the text of the letter, signed by an Erie woman,  from the newspaper’s website:

Motorcycle officer impresses youth

I would like to thank the Erie motorcycle officer who took time out of his day to put a smile on my son's face. I work in a job where every day I'm driving here or there, and I look forward to hearing about my son's day.

Today when I came home I was greeted with smiles and a wonderful story. My toddler was down at the dock, feeding the ducks. When the motorcycle officer rode around the dock, my son greeted him with a wave, a smile and a hello. The officer stopped his motorcycle and gave my son a fist pump, saying "not too many people say hello to me."

The officer then allowed my babe to sit on his motorcycle, and presented him with a junior officer badge sticker. You're awesome!

Thank you for a wonderful story, told by a 2-year-old.