Christian Associates Aims to SPARK Conversations


In the coming year, Christian Associates of Southwestern PA will seek to kindle the fires of friendship and collaboration among clergy and leaders in the region through a brand new initiative: SPARK Conversations.

It's a series of informal lunch gatherings for Christians who share a common role, interest, or identity. It seeks to bring leaders together across the usual boundaries of tradition, denomination, and theology to find unexpected common ground, and build new collaborative possibilities. 

“Collegiality is one of our core values at Christian Associates,” said Rev. Liddy Barlow, CASP’s Executive Minister. “SPARK Conversations seeks to extend that collegiality beyond our Council of Bishops and Judicatory Executives, to all the pastors and other Christian leaders in our region.”
The series begins on October 27 with a gathering for clergy under age 40 and continues on November 5 with a session for Christian educators. Both lunches will begin at noon and last until 1:30 p.m.
"Anyone who self-identifies with the group of the day is welcome to attend,” said Barlow, “Members of our Christian Associates judicatories, neighbors from other churches – let’s draw the circle wide.”
Forest Hills Presbyterian Church, 820 Ardmore Blvd. in Pittsburgh, will host the lunches. The church is located directly off the Parkway East.
The series will continue in January, with gatherings planned for seminarians, university chaplains, pastors of large churches, and more.
Participants are asked to make a suggested donation of $10 each to help cover the cost of lunch, though all are welcome regardless of ability to pay.
Advance registration is strongly encouraged.

Register for sparkunder40 

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Call 412-688-9070 for more information or to register for either event.