Beware of Email Scams!


Because of a recent increase in spoofed emails, your Conference Communications Team wants to remind you of the following information:

  • Spoofing is when the sender’s name and/or email are altered to hide its true origin.
  • Phishing emails try to entice you into disclosing personal information, such as your username, password or bank account details.

These practices are used by virus and spam authors to make their emails look legitimate and lure people into clicking on links, downloading attachments or sending money/gift cards. An email may look as if it is from someone you know, but hovering over the "From" name or clicking the sender's email reveals a similar, but not the exact, address of someone you know.
Be sure to check the exact address an email comes from BEFORE clicking on anything in it or replying to it. This includes, but is not limited to emails that appear to be from the Bishop, a District Superintendent, a family member or a colleague. 

All emails from the Conference, Bishop, or District Superintendents will come from an email address that ends with OR .

With the availability of free email, it is easy for someone to set up an account that is almost exactly like another. You can be assured that no one will send you an "urgent email" asking for gift cards or money.
If you receive a phishing or spoofing email, just delete it and continue on with your day. Spoofed emails are not something that will go away.  It’s better to understand this now, rather than becoming a victim.