Youth Clean Up Park Just in Time for Big Event


From Behind the Pew, I’m Here for You was the slogan on the T-shirts worn by youth volunteers from Port Marion UM Church who helped clean up a community park that had been vandalized in time for the Albert Gallatin Regatta, the biggest event of the year in Point Marion.

“It’s a big deal here in town,” longtime resident Diane Watson told the Uniontown Herald-Standard newspaper. “From what I understand, it’s the worst vandalism they’ve had down there.”

Watson, who chairs the church council on ministries, volunteered to help with the clean-up and along with the youth group. The volunteers already were scheduled to cut grass, clean bathrooms, paint or do other work for “Change the World Weekend,” which brings United Methodists worldwide into their communities to make a difference.  

Because of the vandalism, other church volunteers joined the youth to help with any electrical or plumbing work needed.
 “One of the things that is desperately needed in the community is a clean, safe place for the kids to go, to have fun and exercise,” the Rev. Bev Roscoe told the newspaper. She said the youth group came up with  the idea of the park project prior to the break-ins.

May 17-18 was the fifth annual Change the World event that sent local congregations to show that God is at work in communities. United Methodists go outside the walls of their sanctuaries and help others in their neighborhoods by doing everything from park cleanups and school repairs to bringing meals to senior citizens and stocking food pantries.

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