Join us in making Volunteers in Mission Service possible for all God's people!

Everyone is called to serve in some way and be a part of God's mission in the world.  In the United Methodist Church, we call those who serve in the mission field short-term "Volunteers in Mission."  These are regular Christians who travel to serve locally, nationally, or globally for times ranging from1 day or 1-3 weeks as a witness for Jesus Christ. They are students, working people, parents, retirees, pastors, grandparents, plumbers, and PhDs.  It could even be you someday!

Not everyone who is called and willing to serve has the financial means to answer that call on their own.  Each person makes a sacrifice in going but the church is called to be the group that sends its people out.

Your giving or support VIMships is part of the church's witness and multiplies the impact of one person's gift of their time and talents (and often their income from the time away or their vacation time.)  Group funding lets people know that a church stands behind the work of a team or individual and there is an unseen communion of saints praying for the people we serve.  When people hear that many immediately wonder, why would strangers care enough to give money to send someone else here, to know me or help my family?   And that is the best question that a VIM team can hear because, no matter what kind of service they are offering,it is always for the purpose of sharing the love of Jesus Christ in word and deed.

Donate through your church to VIM Scholarships (004000V Conference Advance for VIMships) or mail a check with the number noted in the memo line to the Conference Treasurer's office at 1204 Freedom Rd., Box 5002, Cranberry Twp., PA 16066.