Mission u 

Mission u is an annual event offering opportunities for adults, youth and children to grow spiritually, learn about issues affecting society and experience Christian mission in its many forms. Mission u is sponsored jointly by the Conference Global Ministries team and the United Women in Faith.

Join Western PA laity and clergy at Olmsted Manor Retreat Center from Sunday, March 12 to Tuesday, March 14, 2023 for Mission u 2023. This program is for adults and based on the theme of community.  The following curricula will be used.

Who Can We Be Together? (Adult)
A Biblical Exploration of Luke 13, is a Spiritual Growth study. 

Get details on the Mission u event page on the Conference Calendar.

Scholarship Information

Scholarships are available: 

The Gene Stollings Memorial Scholarship will cover the cost of registration, room and board for a first-time clergy attendee. (Download in Word)

The Evelyn Hull Memorial Scholarship will cover the cost of a first-time attendee sponsored by a UMW unit.

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