Mission u 

Mission u 2019

Mission u is an annual event offering opportunities for adults, youth and children to grow spiritually, learn about issues affecting society and experience Christian mission in its many forms. Mission u is sponsored jointly by the Conference Global Ministries team and the United Methodist Women.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Mission u studies moved online. 

For updates on when the studies will be offered:

  • Watch this page and the weekly Conference e-newsletter, available at wpaumc.org/enews. Subscribe at wpaumc.org/subscribe
  • On Facebook, search for “WPA UMC Mission u” or “United Methodist Women – Western Pennsylvania Conference”.   “Like” or Follow the page. 
  • Get more details in this letter from the Mission u Dean Kathy Gordon. 

General Mission u Information

Scholarships are available: 

The Gene Stollings Memorial Scholarship will cover the cost of registration, room and board for a first-time clergy attendee.

The Evelyn Hull Memorial Scholarship will cover the cost of a first-time attendee sponsored by a UMW unit.