Purchase a personalized brick to be used for the entryway to the labyrinth

Our United Methodist Center hosts many gatherings each week. From committee gatherings, to one on one meetings, professional consultations, and Cabinet sessions; each time people get together at the United Methodist Center, it is to further the Kingdom of God. Prayer and worship are always an important part of everyone’s time spent at the Center. However, there currently is not a dedicated space for worship or private prayer. 

This is why the office of Discipleship and the Camping office, along with the support from Bishop Bickerton, would like to team up with you to create an outdoor space that will give everyone who comes to the United Methodist Center a place to pray, discern, and worship. This space will come in the form of a living labyrinth. 

A labyrinth is a place for personal and collective worship. A labyrinth is a journey of surrender, an invitation to walk towards a holy mystery. A labyrinth is a visual and visceral reminder of the life-journey, a physical experience for relocating and reorienting ourselves on our way to God.