Intentional Missional Alignment Process Task Force


As the Western Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church continues to work together, we will discern our potential future. Keeping God at the center, we will envision, create and live into three interrelated households in which local churches, clergy and laity can affiliate where they best can be in mission and ministry in Christ. Throughout this process, the WPAUMC will hold sacred love of neighbor, respect, grace, transparency and frequent communication.

This page will include updates and resources throughout the Intentional Missional Alignment Process. 

RS 403: IMAP Household Alignment Legislation

Read RS 403 IMAP Household Alignment Legislation

In April, the official Household Alignment Legislation was released. This legislation includes:

  • One page of legislative language along with five exhibits
  • Legislative Page
    • Establishes 3 Households: Traditional, Blended, Progressive
    • Establishes Co-Conveners
    • Allows local churches and clergy to choose a household alignment 
    • Record keeping with Conference Secretary
    • Allows Conference Sessions to plan time for convening starting at AC 2024
  • Household Process Overview
  • Household Cover Page & Household Descriptions
  • Local Church Discernment 
  • Clergy Discernment
  • Household Co-Conveners Description

Below are brief descriptions of each household, written with input from representatives of each household. Please note that more detailed descriptions and information can be found in the full legislation.

  • The Blended Household recognizes all people as beloved children of God, believes diversity of Scriptural interpretation and practice is a strength, and encourages thoughtful discussion as people grow in discipleship and engage in ministry together. This household includes those with a centrist perspective, those congregations with differing voices and perspectives, and congregations that choose not to make a household selection.
  • The Traditional Household believes in the one true God who has revealed Himself as eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; each being separate and distinct from the other; yet one God. Members adhere to traditional interpretations of Scripture concerning marriage and matters of human sexuality.
  • The Progressive Household The Progressive Household affirms, celebrates and fully welcomes all God’s people into the life of the church regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, social‐economic status, age, or physical ability. This includes acceptance of ordination and marriage for LGBTQ clergy, and receiving LGBTQ individuals into leadership for ministry in all areas of the church (local, district, and conference) if permitted by the Book of Discipline. In addition, members of this household are committed to advocacy for social justice with LGBTQ individuals.
Additional Notes:
  • We will all be United Methodists - we do not want to create "siloed" households. We do not want to lose sight that while this creates safe space for everyone to be authentically who they are, we are remaining together (and we believe there is strength in that). 
  • It is designed to be local church centered rather than "top heavy" with administration
  • It frees people to make disciples of Jesus Christ in their context
  • It is an alternative to disaffiliation


The 2022 Annual Conference adopted the Actively Waiting Task Force Petition for an Intentional Missional Alignment Process, a resolution calling for establishment of three households within the Western PA Annual Conference. Read the 2022 RS 701 legislation. Since then, the IMAP Task Force has met regularly to discern and develop legislation for the 2023 Annual Conference. 

Read Frequently Asked Questions about the Intentional Missional Alignment Process.


Past Videos:

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Meet the Task Force

(Front L-R: Rev. Bob Zilhaver, Mallory Miles (Co-Chair), Rev. Alyce Weaver Dunn, Leah Walls. Back L-R: Paul Huey (Co-Chair), Rev. Renee' Mikell, Roger White, Tracy Merrick)