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As the Western Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church continues to work together, we will discern our potential future. Keeping God at the center, we will envision, create and live into three interrelated households in which local churches, clergy and laity can affiliate where they best can be in mission and ministry in Christ. Throughout this process, the WPAUMC will hold sacred love of neighbor, respect, grace, transparency and frequent communication.

This page will include updates and resources throughout the Intentional Missional Alignment Process. 


The 2022 Annual Conference adopted the Actively Waiting Task Force Petition for an Intentional Missional Alignment Process, a resolution calling for establishment of three households within the Western PA Annual Conference:

  • The Blended Household will be available to those who aspire to be working in the mission field with members of differing perspectives on human sexuality. This household aspires to: remove sexual orientation as a consideration for fitness for ministry; allow each clergy person to discern if they will or will not officiate for same gender marriages; allow local churches to independently decide whether to host same gender marriages or not; and invite the bishop to use these considerations when making appointments.
  • The Traditional Household will be available to those who aspire to be working in the mission field with members having a more traditional perspective on human sexuality. Therefore, this Household would aspire to: maintain ordination standards pertaining to human sexuality, including prohibition of homosexual practice, and prohibit all clergy and churches from celebrating same-gender marriages.
  • The Progressive Household will be available to those who aspire to be working in the mission field with members who have a progressive perspective on human sexuality. Therefore, this household would aspire to have the full inclusion of, full affirmation of, and full participation by all people in all aspects of the life of this household and in the lives of its churches, including the ordination and appointment of persons without respect to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Additionally, it would have the celebration of same-gender marriages by all clergy and in all churches in this household.

Further, the resolution designates phases as elements of the Intentional Missional Alignment Process, with detailed processes defined to assist local churches, laity, and clergy as they move into households within the Western PA Conference of The United Church or potentially make decisions to become a part of other expressions of Methodism. It also ensures that this transition is handled smoothly and responsibly by designating functions which will specifically need to be active throughout the entire process. Lastly, it sets up an Intentional Missional Alignment Task Force to lead, plan, coordinate, and manage aspects over the next few years. 

Read Frequently Asked Questions about the Intentional Missional Alignment Process.


Legislation: Read the full legislation. 

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