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 Last updated: Wednesday, November 14, 2018  3:15 pm


 *NEW* Things to Know

We are so excited that many of you have reached out to the Greensburg District Office with suggestions, concerns as well as your positive feedback in reference to the NEW "Greensburg District Connector" web page. As we continue to adjust or tweak the layout and details, we will be using the following process: all expired events will be removed as the events are concluded, informational posts will remain for 30 days, and the 'three (3) day rule" will remain in place as the time frame in which the Greensburg District Office will need your information to post on the web page. Information that will be posted on the web-page is limited to the events and ministries of your local congregation, the district, and items pertinent to the UMC in general. 

All information will be reviewed by the district office prior to posting.



We can have thankful hearts toward God even when we do not feel thankful for the circumstance.

We can grieve and still be thankful. We can hurt and still be thankful. 
We can be angry at sin and still be thankful toward God. That is what the Bible calls a 
“sacrifice of praise” (Hebrews 13:15). Giving thanks to God keeps our hearts in right 
relationship with Him and saves us from a host of harmful emotions and attitudes that 
will rob us of the peace God wants us to experience (Philippians 4:6–7).


*NEW* Church Conferences

Church Conferences are in full swing! It's been exciting to hear of all of the ministries going on in the churches in the District. Thank you for the ways you continue to be engaged in the community as your also helping make disciples of Jesus for the transformation of the world. Thank you for submitting your packets to the office 10 days prior to your conference, and your minutes in a timely fashion following the conference. Posted 11/1/2018​


*NEW* Healing Service

“Healing In The Supernatural”
Hosted by the Arona United Methodist Church
2037 Main St. Arona, PA 15617

On Thursday, November 15th, 2018 at 7 PM
Pastor Chris Toth will be preaching the Word
Worship by Tonya Carrington and Steve Taylor
Healing Testimony by Bonny Diver
All prayer warriors are welcome to attend
For more Information please contact:
Pastor Bruce Anthony at:
Home-724-834-0567  Cell-412-610-5485 

Everyone Is Welcomed to Attend

Posted 11/8/2018


*NEW* Christmas Bazaar

Oakmont Methodist Church
Saturday, November 17th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

See flyer for more information

Posted 11/8/2018​



 *NEW* Older Adult Ministry

The Greensburg District has an Older Adult Ministry specifically geared to resource, encourage, and assist with the ministries "by, with, and for" older adults in our local churches. Because of the increasing number of "baby boomers" in our congregations, many of our churches are finding themselves with questions about how to begin or maintain meaningful ministry to this growing population. Please complete the attached survey and help us understand your context, your needs, and your dreams for ministry "by, with, and for" the potentially largest demographic in your congregation. Click on the survey below, print, complete the survey and return it to the District Office at greensburg.office@wpaumc.org by November 30, 2018. Thank you so much. Posted 11/14/2018



*NEW* "LET IT SHINE" Blacklight Puppetry

Show presented by Bethel UMC, Lower Burrell

Performance – Friday, November 30th – 7:00 pm 
Level Green Presbyterian Church
105 Olive Drive
Trafford, PA 15085

Performance – Saturday, December 15th – 7:00 pm 
First Baptist Church
2230 Center Avenue
Ford City, Pa 16228

Posted 11/8/2018​

Flyer attached


*NEW* Nativity Display Dec. 1st & 2nd

 Heritage United Methodist Church on the Diamond in Ligonier has the honor of hosting the 7th annual Nativity Display that will take place on December 1st & 2nd from noon to 4 pm.  Last year, there were over 100 nativities on display, and more than 500 people visited our church to see them! If you would like further information or if you would like to have your own nativity displayed, please check with your church office or nativity representative to register your nativity.  The Nativity Display is free and open to everyone.  Monetary and non-perishable food donations will be accepted for the Ligonier Valley Food Pantry. If you have questions call Beth Lenhart from Heritage United Methodist Church at 724-238-2627. Posted 11/8/2018 


 Christmas Creche Show 2018

Posted 11/12/2018



Top Ten Tips For Completing Your Pastor's IRS Form

W-2 will be held on Dec 13, 2018 10:00 AM EST

This webinar is designed for local church treasurers and those responsible for completing their pastor’s Internal Revenue Service Form W-2.

Register Here  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. Posted 11/7/2018


*NEW* Interested in exploring a call to ministry? 

All persons who are considering a call to "set apart" clergy ministry are encouraged to do the following: 

a. Talk to your pastor - who will give you encouraging assistance and confirmation as you explore the steps of ministry. 

b. Talk to the DS - who will make sure you know the opportunities and responsibilities that will come to you in your ministerial process. Contact greensburg.ds@wpaumc.org

c. Register for the Orientation to Ministry. Rev. Janet Lord and Rev. Sara Wrona will lead the Orientation and answer your preliminary questions about ministry as you discern if this is indeed where God is calling you. The Orientation is required for all persons considering entering ministry. The next Orientation to Ministry will be on January 5, 2019 at Charter Oak UMC in Greensburg. There is no fee to attend, but you must pre-register at the wpaumc.org website. Posted 11/8/2018​


*NEW* Christ UMC in Youngwood is organizing a

Bus trip to Lancaster to see 'Jesus' 
at the Sight & Sound Theatre 
In March
Registration deadline is January 6th
The link below will give you more details, travel insurance
info and the registration form
Christ UMC Lancaster Trip Registration

 Posted 11/8/2018​


     SPARK 2019

Will be January 11-13, 2019 at the Sheraton Station Square.

For details and registration click here

This retreat is for youth in 6th – 12th grades. DJ: Big Al. Speaker: Duffy Robbins. Details to be announced at a later date.

Posted 11/7/2018


Kid's Kitchen at Christy Park, McKeesport.  


One of the campuses of the McKeesport Shared Ministry, "One Church, Six Campuses." 

              Kids Kitchen began two years ago with a passion to help children.  Dianna Smith and Jackie Flajnik knew the kids of their community needed something productive to do.  Helping tutor kids initially seemed like an option, but there were programs in the area that met that need.  Knowing children enjoyed social activities, they wanted to do something that would not only teach something and be fun, but would also provide a constructive outlet for positive social interactions.  Dianna had nieces who loved to cook in her kitchen and Jackie loved baking.  It came to them as they were baking, "How about we do a kid’s kitchen at Christy Park UMC?" 

              Since then, children from the surrounding community have become a part of this fun and interactive ministry which happens primarily on the first Monday of every month in the Christy Park UMC fellowship hall.  The evening begins with a devotion or a song and includes dinner.  Kids wash their hands, put on aprons, gloves and hairnets and the fun begins!  Each child rotates through different stations in an assembly line fashion where volunteers assist. Kids have baked cookies for our pancake breakfast, as well as baked pies for the annual campus wide Thanksgiving Dinner held at Beulah Park, one of the campuses comprising the McKeesport Shared Ministry.  This dinner is on outreach to those in need during the holidays and volunteers from all six campuses help prepare, serve and deliver the meal. Kids feel included and one child is quoted as saying, "This is so cool we are able to make something to help people in need."

              Other items the kids have made include pasta from scratch and personal pan pizzas.  Ingredients are donated by community businesses who are happy to be a part of this effort.  Most recently, the children baked the communion bread for World Communion Sunday, a celebration that united all six campuses of the McKeesport Shared Ministry.   Another initiative is the Celebrity Kids Kitchen, the brainchild of Stu Wilson or as most know him, "BBQ Stu."  He also has a love of cooking and is known in the area for his ribs and sauces.  This time celebrities "suit up" and interact with the children as they cook.  Stu has gotten Brenda Waters from KDKA and Chris Fennimore, a chef who has his own cooking show on PBS to attend most recently. 

              We are proud to announce our efforts have been recognized. Our Kids Kitchen and its staff, Dianna Smith, Jackie Flajnik and Stu Wilson each received a proclamation presented by the Mayor and City Council for doing their part to make McKeesport a better place.  Awardees were selected by the McKeesport Message Committee for their ability to “Live the Message of Respect, Dignity, Hope and Love."  Christy Park received the Love Award this quarter as a result of their work with the children and families of McKeesport.  What began as the passion of a few has expanded into a ministry that has been recognized as a vital part of what makes McKeesport a better place to live.  (Editorial Note: the McKeesport Shared Ministry is comprised of 6 UM Churches under the leadership of Rev. William Meekins, Rev. Chandler Wolf, and Rev. Michele Nagle. Rev. Nagle is the "point pastor" for the Christy Park UMC congregation and ministries.) Posted 11/12/2018

 Church Mutual

Safety and security at your organization

In the wake of Saturday’s tragic shooting in Pittsburgh, we grieve with those who have lost their friends, family members and neighbors to another act of violence at a house of worship. If you need help making your organization and people more secure, please visit our safety resources at churchmutual.com/armedintruder.


 Support Tree of Life Synagogue and the Jewish 
Community with a single Blue Light  

           As we continue to search for ways to support and care for the Tree of Life Synagogue and the Jewish Community after the horrendous act of violence and hate a sign of solidarity, support, and a statement against hate can begin with a Blue Light.

            Consider changing one light bulb in your church’s sanctuary or entry way from a white bulb to a blue light bulb.  Keep the blue light in place until the Tree of Life Synagogue is able to return to a sanctuary for worship.  It has been shared that the sanctuary, riddled with bullets holes has been “defiled”.  Where or when the community will gather in that, or new, sacred space is unknown.  We do know that worship will continue in other temporary spaces.  However, it is important for the community to know that our support will not wane as the news coverage changes.

            Why a blue light?  In Judaism blue represents divinity and balance.  I know we can all agree that we need God’s presence to bring balance and peace in our divided world. 

            My first appointment as a part-time local pastor was to Fredericktown First UMC.  In the sanctuary there is a set of “Old Testament” stained glass windows.  The windows were a gift from the former Jewish Community of Fredericktown.  The gift was presented to the congregation, and Rev. John Warman (later Bishop John Warman) after he and the congregation had allowed the Jewish community to worship in the church after their synagogue was burned down.  This is not only a Blue Light it is a proclamation of unity and a testament to our stand against hate.  Author: Rev. Scott Gallagher (Garden City) Posted 11/1/2018


 *NEW* Grant from Walmart

The SPARK Mission Team at Greensburg First United Methodist Church is very pleased to announce that we recently received a grant of 1,000 from Walmart Corporation. With this financial support, we will be able to restock our donation room with household items that are essential when individuals or families move out of the homeless shelter and into new housing. So many people are starting over with nothing; and with the wide variety of household items available at Walmart, we can provide some of their most basic needs. We are very appreciative of this grant that helps us fulfill our mission of taking the love of Christ outside the four walls of our church and that demonstrates Walmart’s commitment to involvement in the communities they serve. Posted 11/12/2018