Generosity in the Local Church

In 2020, a number of local churches have been experiencing financial hardship, while others seem to be weathering the storm well. The difference could be that some congregations have developed a culture of generosity. 

While annual campaigns and fundraisers can help meet immediate financial needs, Rev. Tom Parkinson, pastor of Dutilh UMC, says: “To develop long-term financial sustainability, I believe that every church needs to be intentional about cultivating generosity among its members.” Parkinson has done stewardship and finance presentations for provisional clergy, currently serves on the WPA Conference Board of Pensions, as well as the Wespath Board. At the request of our Director of Connectional Ministries, he is creating this 5-part video series for local church leaders and members to help them develop a culture of generosity in their church.

A new video will be posted each week through mid-November.


Part 1:
Cultivating Generosity in Your Church

Part 2:
Responding to God's Generosity

Part 3:
Barriers to Generosity

Part 4:
Biblical Case Studies in Generosity

Part 5:
Generosity as a Spiritual Discipline