Called & Sent Experience Menu

Mandatory Experiences    
Event   Date Participant Responsible
Day at Annual Conference June 13 $0
Discipleship Retreat * Oct 16-18, 2015 $0
SPARK January 2016 $0
Discernment Retreat * April 1 – 3, 2016 $0
Spiritual Leadership Project (at home church/community)    any costs are raised by participant


Leadership Growth (Choose one**):    
Event Date Participant Responsible
Camp 2015 Jun-Aug ~$150-$250 ***
Uth 4 Mission 2015 or 2016 July $0
Mission U 2015 July 7-12 $0


Church Connection (Choose one**)    
Event Date Participant Responsible
Youth 2015 (UM Gathering Orlando) June $0
ZIM Camp 2015 (Zimbabwe) Jul/Aug ~$2,200
Mission of Peace Dec/Jan ~$4,200


* Includes 2 nights and 5 meals for both the participant and their discernment partner.

** Participants can also submit a proposal for experiences not listed. If the proposed experience fits in with the goals of the program and is approved by the leadership team, the participant will receive up to $300 toward that experience and it will replace one experience from above.

*** Campership money is available to help cover these additional costs, which can bring this down to $0 for the participant.