Native American Ministries Sunday
Native American Ministries Sunday, the third Sunday after Easter, serves to remind United Methodists of the gifts and contributions made by Native Americans to our society. The special offering supports Native American outreach within annual conferences and across the United States.
At the General Church level this offering provides resources to nurture mission with Native Americans and provides scholarships for United Methodist Native American seminarians.
The Western PA Committee on Native American Ministries is building relationships with Native people here in Western Pa. They work with the Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center and the Caney Indigenous Spiritual Circle, and participate actively in the Northeastern Jurisdiction Native American Ministries Committee.

The WPAUMC CONAM is working with other annual conferences to develop our next quadrennial Plan of Action. In 2022 The WPA Conference will host the Northeastern Jurisdiction gathering of NEJNAMC.


Let us sit with our feet firmly planted on the ground…and notice that we have the gift of breath.
 Thank God for the privilege of living on this planet that generously sustains us.
 Let us share these bidding prayers:
May we
….. offer gratitude for the ancestors who have stewarded this land  for the generations before us…from the beginning of time to this moment.
 ….offer gratitude for the gifts given and the sacrifices made that bring us to this moment.
 …. acknowledge that we are on the ancestral lands of many Indigenous communities including but not limited to the Adena and Seneca people
….. ask for courage to uncover the truth that has been buried revealing how many were unjustly treated as less than human and displaced.
… remember their elders past and present as we bring the past and future into the holistic now.
 May God grant us grace, wisdom, and energy to work for healing, transformation, and repair as we hold their existence and their experience in our consciousness.