Mission u 2022
Friday, August 19, 2022 at 5:00 PM to Sunday, August 21, 2022 at 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Jumonville Camp and Retreat Center
887 Jumonville Rd.
Hopwood, PA 15445

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814-362-3584 (O)


Rev. Ricky Nelson, Dean of Mission u

COMMUNITY is God’s desire for us!

Join Western PA laity and clergy at Jumonville for Mission u 2022 to reflect on the community that Jesus is calling us to be! Participants will arrive on Friday afternoon, Aug. 19 and the event will open with dinner followed by worship at 7 p.m. It will conclude with lunch on Sunday, Aug. 21.  Register before August 5.

There will be programs for adults, youth and children, all based on the theme of community.  The following curricula will be used. Books may be ordered from the UMW Resource Center using this link. visiting. The adult study book is also available for Kindle on Amazon.

 Who Can We Be Together? (Adult)
Who Can We Be Together? A Biblical Exploration of Luke 13, the 2022 adult curriculum by Candace Simpson brings participants deeper into Jesus' teachings in this chapter of Luke to explore what it means to be in community. As the author notes, “For followers of Christ 2,000 years later, it's important for us to sit with the range of emotions we have in response to these words. It's not easy to build and sustain communities, especially when there are forces that drain us, exhaust us, and even push us to act uncharacteristically. And yet, we are called to act on the most ethical principles of our faith so we can witness the kin-dom of God on earth.''

Community in the Midst of Challenging Times (Youth)
Community in the Midst of Challenging Times, a youth curriculum for 2022 by Kenya Cummings, brings facilitators and participants on a journey through stories that have anchored Christian communities for millennia, through both stability and times of turmoil and tragedy. Using study, prayer, refection, and sharing, participants will examine the meanings of the kingdom of God, while beginning to utilize the language around the “kin-dom'' of God. In the midst of a devastating pandemic, a divisive political climate, and economic turmoil, we will examine the dynamics of power and empire in light of the gospel.

Our Growing Tree - From Self-Love to the Beloved Community and All of God’s Creation (Children)
The children's curriculum by social justice advocate and educator Ilka Vega is a journey of spiritual growth and community building that helps children recognize the diversity of their capacities, spiritual gifts, and talents as well as their responsibilities to care for one another and for all of God's creation. Through Bible study and reflection, transformative activities, and spiritual practices, participants will find hope, joy, and empowerment in the featured scriptures; grow their spiritual gifts and talents; and find support in their journeys of self-love, building the beloved community, and stewardship of God's creation.

Adults - $177.00 
Youth age 13-18 - $177.00
Children Age 3-12 – $100.00
Commuter Adult - $40 -- (Includes all worship and Study sessions -Friday, Saturday, & Sunday- Only meals included are Saturday Lunch and Dinner.)
Commuter -- child accompanying adult participant- $30 (Includes only Saturday lunch and dinner)

Scholarships are available

The Gene Stollings Memorial Scholarship will cover the cost of registration, room and board for a first-time clergy attendee. (Download in Word)

The Evelyn Hull Memorial Scholarship will cover the cost of a first-time attendee sponsored by a UMW unit.

Registration will open soon here.  

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