Thursday, July 18, 2019 to Sunday, July 21, 2019
Rev. Beverly Roscoe
Rev. Bev Roscoe, an Associate Member of the Western PA Conference, currently serving as the lead pastor of the 14-church South Fayette Cooperative Parish in the Uniontown area. Bev attended the Course of Study at Duke Divinity School and the Course of Study Schools of Ohio, graduating from MTSO.  She has a degree in Children’s Ministry from Indiana Wesleyan University, and attended Penn State for Human Development and Family Studies.

Her work experience includes direct care for mentally challenged adults, and service coordination for geriatric home health care. She and her husband John were specialized foster parents for 15 years, taking hard-to-place teens, sibling groups, and those with disabilities.  An adopted child herself, Bev says they quickly realized they were foster parent failures, finding themselves wanting to share their lives and hearts with the children on a more permanent basis, and eventually adopting Jessica, Maria, and Justin.

During this time, Bev was an active leader in her church as a lay person, as well as volunteering with Special Olympics and Girl Scouts.

She has served on the Conference level as the chair of the former Children’s Ministry Team, dean of JAM Camp at Jumonville, Board of Discipleship, Nominations, Parish and Community Development, and Disability Concerns.  Bev has taught inclusion and autism awareness at numerous churches and Conferences events. She is VIM and ERT-certified and mission trips have taken her from Connellsville to Fiji and every place in between.

In Connellsville District, she teaches Lay Servant classes, serves on nominations and the worship committee.
She serves nationally as secretary for the National Fellowship of Associate Members and Local Pastors.
She identifies her gifts as administration, leadership, teaching, and preaching.  Her passions for ministry include serving the least and the lost and the marginalized, especially children and those adults with special needs.

Her life verse is Eph 4:1 paraphrased, live a life worthy of the calling you have received. She believes we are all called into ministry and service together.