Thursday, July 18, 2019 to Sunday, July 21, 2019
Lynn Sibley
Lynn Sibley has been a Western Pennsylvania girl all her life.  She grew up in Greenville and graduated from Slippery Rock University as a Health and Physical Education teacher.  She taught those subjects in grades K-8 in the Armstrong School District, Armstrong County, for 35 years, and mentored many student teachers and new teachers.   She lived in Kittanning for many years and now resides in Manorville, with the Allegheny River in her front yard.  She enjoys biking, reading, gardening, spending time with friends and participating in several sports.  Travel has been an important part of her life, including both trips to see the world and mission trips to work with and help others. 
Lynn learned at an early age from her parents that being involved in church and community should be an integral part of a full and meaningful life.  They were both steadfast volunteers and she “caught” that from them.  She has served on several Boards of Directors in her community, and volunteers with the American Cancer Society.  She is the treasurer and a trustee of her church, Manorville UMC, serves on several committees, and is the visitor for shut-ins.  She very much enjoys serving as a Mission Ambassador for the next two years. 

At this time, Lynn's favorite volunteer activity is the Indiana District’s Ramps of Hope for which she is the Armstrong County Coordinator and a grant writer.  She does many jobs in the process of getting someone a ramp, but by far her favorite part is being at a build when a ramp is completed and watching the recipient come out on the ramp for the first time.  “When I watch the joy spread over the face of someone who had been in despair, I know we have made a difference in a life,” she says.